WolfPack Update for April 13th, 2021

Here is this week's news script!

Hey Timberwolves! This is your wolfpack update for April 13, 2021. 

  1. If you want to get in on our upcoming events, spirit days, and others MVHS news and announcements, be sure to follow MVHS ASB’s instagram @mvhs.asb

  2. Class Merch is back up for purchase and ends this Saturday, March 17! Visit the link here to purchase yours! Class Merch link (Links to an external site.)

  3. With an in-person schedule on campus, we want to show our psa video to remind students to stay safe during these times. Click the linkhere (Links to an external site.)to view it!

  4. Attention all MVHS students! We still have open spots for you to apply for ASB for the 2021-2022 school year! Being part of ASB means being part of a family with a mission to serve the student body and promote school spirit. Visit the link here (Links to an external site.) to full out the application!

  5. Class Merch is back up for purchase and closes this Saturday, March 17! Visit the link to purchase yours! https://missionvista.itemorder.com/sale (Links to an external site.)

  6. The new “Leader of the Pack” program recognizes students in their demonstration of Mission Vista Values. Teachers and staff are asked to nominate students each month. All students nominated will receive a certificate with the description of events that led to their nomination. At each monthly PTSA Board meeting, students are selected from the nominations received in that month to receive the Leader of the Pack award. We are proud to announce that the following students selected from the most recent board meeting are;

    1. Hailey Soto, 9th grade 

    2. Georgia Jensen, 9th grade 

    3. Isabella Mobilia, 9th grade 

    4. Cadence Cristobal, 11th grade. 

    5. We ask these students to pick up their award from the front office. Congratulations!

  7. Are you interested in being an MVHS Student Ambassador? Student Ambassadors represent Mission Vista High School during school tours for interested students and guests on campus. They may also serve as representatives for student panels or other school-related events. If you are interested, complete the survey here (Links to an external site.) by APRIL 30th.

  8. Attention Seniors. There are two options for graduation - a drive through ceremony or a modified in-person ceremony - and we need to hear your voice so that MVHS can host the graduation event that you want. Be sure to complete the survey that Mr. Walden sent last Friday; the survey is also linked here (Links to an external site.). Responses are due this Sunday, April 18th. 

  9. If you have any announcements that you would like us to make, go to www.mvhs.vistausd.org (Links to an external site.) and visit the ASB page to submit your announcements by the end of the day on Sunday for it to be included in the weekly wolf pack updates!

  10. Check your Wolf Pack Weekly and MVHS bulletin to find even more information on other things that go on around the school!

  11. That’s all for your wolfpack update, and remember timberwolves, be the change!